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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Series of Tiny Updates

First in my long list of things I just need to update you all about is that I’ve cut my hair. Only this time I didn’t cheat and cut it from uber long to normal; see, now it’s above my shoulders. It’s only ever been this short when I was a little girl, as I spent the first ten years of my life growing it out. Or something like that.

So… I’ve cut my hair. I’ve still got two brothers, not three or another l’il sis, but those two are some of the handsomest, sweetest, cutest things to grace this Earth and I am so glad to have them. Dear Sister is still my very best friend, and she’s been keeping me up half the night gabbing. Once, she threw balled up tissues at me from her loft bed when I refused to talk and tried to get some sleep. Gee. Unfortunately, I’m not much better when it comes to chit-chit-chatting all night, so I can’t lop all the blame on to her. I can, however, with all the maturity I can muster, logically point out, she started it.

I am now a crazy crazy teen. Yip, I really really am, being a good fifteen years old. I want to get a job in a coffee shop of some kind, because despite the fact that I don’t actually drink the stuff, I sure love how it smells (particularly in the morning). I also want to get a driver’s permit, which I’m actually old enough to do. FIRST I’ve got to get around to reading that driver’s manual, which is… taking a while. But I’ll do it eventually.

I guess that’s all I’ve got to spew out for NOW; I’ll be saving the rest for later. Don’t forget, though – I’m now a published author and if you checked out my book I’d squeal with glee! There’s a link on the sidebar, or right here, too:

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