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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Be It

Close your eyes,
Now you see it;
Find it,
Love it,
Be it.

So find your dream, and make it happen.



Hope_princess said...

Even though this post is really really short, it's really really awesome and inspirational.

Thanks so much for your truthful and honest comment on my Prologue. I enjoy it when people tell me what's wrong with my story. (And also thanks for pointing out that website). When I read over my Prologue I spotted those long sentence you were talking about. Yes, it is in the medieval era, kinda. It's got a lot of fantasy, "abnormal", and "advanced" feel to it, though, so it's different from the medieval era in our world.

Oh boy, you asked for the reasons why I don't like Twilight. If you're really interested in seeing the list, then I'll be sure to post it on that same post during the weekend when I get time. I'll post a comment on your blog when I've finally gotten around to it.

THANKS for all of your kind comments. They mean the galaxy to me! :-D

Galaxy said...

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :-)

It really was very interesting! I'm looking forwards to reading more about Kiesha.
As for the era, I think it's really cool! I heard that that style is refurred to as 'steampunk', or something like that.

That's a good one!!!