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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Short Burst of Glory

I won't say it again, because I'm sure I must have mentioned that I love a good rain storm somewhereinthisblog(, hehe). So, you can only imagine my glee when I was sitting on my favorite reading chair earlier today and heard the wondrous sound of pounding drops. It was really nice just sitting there and listening... it could only have been better if I was sitting on a padded bay window and it was nighttime--with lots of wind! Unfortunately, the rain passed fairly quickly... I was terribly disappointed.

Wow. This would be a pathetically short post if I ended it here, wouldn't it? Er... let me think of more nonsense to randomly jabber...

I guess I'll settle for a 'Coming Soon!' rant: I have to write a post on a dance I went to, I'm going to add another "Everyone Loves ____!" post after I get a few more posts up, and I may or may not post another sims music video.

Here's are some links to two others I made that are kind of cool:

Hey Baby
Do You Sleep?

Anyhow, I guess that's it. Wow. This did turn out to be a pathetically short post after all.

Oh well!

Galaxy ;-)


Froggy said...

Oh, no, it's a good sized post! Ooh, can't wait for the "coming soons" to come! :)

Galaxy said...

Thanks, Froggy :-)
Well, they're COMING SOON! ;-)