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Saturday, October 31, 2009

My First Dance

Last Sunday night just me and I went to a homeschool costume dance together (to clear up any false assumptions, I'll tell you now that we're JUST FRIENDS); Dear Sister would have come with us, but she isn't quite old enough yet.

Eventually we had fun... but at first I really didn't know what to do, the music was deafening, I kept tripping on my skirt, we didn't like any of the songs, we weren't allowed to go outside (to ESCAPE the noise and commotion!!!) if we wanted to come back in, and my hair fell out the moment a good song started to play(of course it was BEFORE we remember to get our pictures taken).

So my hair is a bird's nest, I'm feeling nausious from the "dancing" and we're both bored and a little lonely. We decided to get our pictures taken (for five dollars) before my costume got any messier, and we did--the lady was very nice and she said my smile was pretty, which made me feel good, though even now I'm sad about my hair. We still didn't want to go back up (anything to keep away from that noise), and we THEN found the room...

It was light peach and pink, with two cozy chairs and a vanity with a cushioned pink bench. There the music wasn't quite so loud, and even though we weren't allowed to keep the door closed (why, I have no clue), it was still a wonderful escape away from the ruccus.

Anyhow, I got the pins out of my hair, we chatted for a bit, then he went up when he heard a song he liked, while I braided my hair (without a hair-dooly-bopper) and pinned it (with the pins from my old hair-do) to the nape of my neck. It actually looked kind of pretty. I then followed him upstairs, and we had quite a bit more fun after that, going back and forth from dancing and eating grapes (me), oreos and punch (just me).

On our way upstairs we ran into someone who's makeup was done wonderfully to look like a skull. It was terribly frightening. Anyhow, he stopped just me and asked if they knew each other. Just me said...

"Well, I can't really tell..." then gestured to his makeup. I could empathise.

"Oh... yeah..."

Their discussion afterwards was really very, very humorous and I couldn't help but laugh as they speculated as to how they could possibly know one another. Eventually just me acknowledged that they must have seen each other at some point. It ended like this:

"Well, we know each other..."

"We don't know from where..." (just me)

"But we know each other! It was good to see you again!"

"You too!"

Later just me and I discussed who to vote for in the competitions (scariest, best make-up, craziest, prettiest,... and I think the last one was 'most creative'). I didn't vote, but gave advice to him on his choices(later two of the people we voted for actually won! It was pretty cool). I then looked behind me and saw a girl with a cute, short haircut, and I wasn't quite sure what she was dressed up as. I got closer to her, and then I noticed the 'blood' all over her and the bloody gash on her neck.

I talked to her for a little bit, and it turns out we both have the same name! I introduced her to just me and she introduced us to her friends and it got a lot more fun after that, because dances are just more fun with more people.

I entered a dance contest (just by dancing in the circle of people) for 'most original dance move' and did a few double pirouettes and developes because my arthritis was really good that day (of course, after I did that I could hardly move... so maybe it wasn't so good after all. And even that day I couldn't jump... it's been a while since I could jump). I didn't win, but it was fun, and just me and I decided we'd have to choreograph something with a bunch more people for next time.

We went to the room (which I mentally called 'The Escape Room') a couple times, running into the girl who shares my name and her friend and hanging out with them for the rest of the time.

We did the macarana, danced some more, they played Chasing Cars (one of my all time favorite songs!!!) and the Beetles (which just me apparently loves) and had a DJ contest. I requested Because the Night (another of my all time favorite songs), though they didn't have it by the right artist.

I warn you, I probably got the order of many of these events off because that night, when I look back on it, really is quite a blur. During the last 20 minutes of the drive home just me and I wrote the following poem:

The night was dark,
With ne'er a spark,
The wind it tossed and howled,

The birds came down,
Without word,
And the world was silent,

Then came the knight,
Of the white light,
Who called forth the sun,
The sun then said,
Gold and Red,
"At last the world is lightened."

When I got home it turns out my sibling had missed me so much (and had been so bored) that they made me a card! It was lovely, and they even cut out a sunflower and stuck it on the inside! Both Brother1&2 "drew" inside it, and I absolutely loved it! Anyhow, I said goodbye to just me and his mother, went to bed and promptly slept in to an hour I am, quite frankly, too embarrassed to mention.

Go to the top to see some pictures of me before I left (with my hair done-up). I was Cinderella, and just me was a Gambler/High Roller. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of him dressed up, or of the girl who shares my name and her friend.

So, boring at first, but later lodes of fun!

Happy Halloween!


P.S. This is a nice follow-up to my pathetically short posts, eh?


Hope_princess said...

WOW! Sounds like you had tons of fun.
I've never gone to a dance, probably 'cause I can't dance and my parents would never let me.

Oooooooh! So who's "just me"? ;-D He sounds interesting. Does he go to your church?

p.s.-LOVE your dress and hair. You look awesome! And I'm sure "just me" thought so too.

Froggy said...

Wow, you look GREAT! (And yet not quite like yourself! ;) ) That is a GORGEOUS dress. I'm so sorry your hair fell down!
Thanks for that great post!

Froggy said...

Oh, sorry about that deleted comment...that was me.

Galaxy said...

Thanks so much, everyone, for all of your wonderful comments! They make me feel really special!

just me said...

Well... It may have been loud, hot, and exhausting, but it was FUN!

Galaxy said...

I'll agree!