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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blog Tag

I've been indirectly tagged by Qacei Moonshadow (once you've been 'tagged', you have to write a post of 10 random facts about yourself. At the end you write the 10 people you are tagging, listing their names and why you chose them)

1: Often I stay up late to read, the latest I've stayed up to is 5:00AM.
2: I hate wearing my hair in a bun--it looks too serious--but I end up wearing it that way a lot because of ballet.
3: The thing that smells best to me is fresh air right after it rains... it’s just so cool and crisp...
4: I HATE sad endings and think they should be eliminated from this earth unless it's in the movie Phenomenon (which you MUST see).
5: My father and I have a strange sense of humor that no one else gets... it's so weird...
6: I don't regret anything; sure, there are some things that I'm not proud of, but if they didn't happen I might not be here now. The only thing in the world I regret is (WAY back before I was Vegan) ordering a McDonald's Sundae instead of a plain Ice Cream Cone.
7: When I was little, the color of my eyes would change colors! It would be blue for an hour or too, then green. Now it's just green, and though I wish it still changed, I love the green of my eyes, it's so unique! I love unique!
8: I name plants, seriously, I have two baby Ever-Greens named Laura Cheer A. and Karen (after my grandmother) Joy A.
9: I’ve almost run out of wishes to wish on the stars, which is quite shocking.
10: I truly love my big family and I love that it's big!

Now it's time to tag!

Rose (Dear Sister's blogger name): I tag you because I know you'll have fun and you haven't posted much, plus, I'll get to read funny things about you!
Gestalt/Lifelover: I tag you because you're the only other person I know on blogger, and just because I'm curious.

Unfortunately, I don't know anyone else to tag, so if you're reading, You're It!


P.S. No Tag Backs!

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