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Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Years Resolution

It's so hard to believe that the year of 2007 is nearly at an end... after all it was the year I was blessed with a new brother... the year I choreographed my first ballet... the year my mom cut her hair... the year I cut my hair... the year we took a mini vacation to Portland for daddy's Birthday... the year I started Kings Of Darkness... one of the best years of my life... I hope that 2008 will measure up.

I have two resolutions for the next year:

1: My first resolution for the next year is to finish Kings Of Darkness and find a skilled illustrator who can really draw the characters as I see them in my mind.
2: My second resolution for this year is to get a job--as a baby-sitter maybe.

That's it... for now.

Wish me luck!


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