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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I love the Christmas feel! It's so warm and cozy and magical... ahhh... best of all, Daddy get's to stay home for the whole day!

Mommy and Daddy got me two presents, they had me unwrap the big one first; guess what it was?


Yes, sheets. Sure they were really cozy sheets, but still sheets. Then they had me open the small one, guess what that its?

MIND TRAP II!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's like one of the BEST things they could have gotten me! (Mind Trap is a bunch of puzzles with loads of trick questions and brain benders, Mind Trap II has even more! I love trick questions and brain benders!) Dear Sister got a mini MP3 player, (I got one for my birthday) and Brother1 got three foam swords (thank goodness!). We had some yummy pumpkin bread topped with 'cream cheese' frosting and pecan praline (all made and mixed at home) for breakfast! It was sooooo good! Nana and Don should be coming over to hang out with us, and we might stop by Aunt Katie's house, Grandma Janie is staying there at the moment. Soon we'll start carroling like crazy! My favorite is deck the halls.

Merry Merry Christmas!!!


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