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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Crazy Dream I Had Last Night

Okay, so I was Harry Potter, and I was at Nana's House, and Lord Voldemort (sp?) and his Minions were attacking, and then I was me again, and Mom and Dad had to stay to protect the place (there were other good wizards fighting, too) but Dear Sister, Brother2 and I had to leave.
Now, Nana's house is on the top of a hill, and frequently I dream of going down that hill and it being really steep and scary. This was one of those dreams. We were running down the super-steep-hill and then it became almost vertical so Rose and I jumped and somehow Brother2 was with us. So now we were sliding down this vertical rode... down, down, down! It was super scary. And then the scariest: There was no rail to this super-steep-and-scary road, and Dear Brother2 (who is ten months now) was starting to slide towards the edge. So Dear Sis and I were trying to keep him from falling off, as we were falling down, down, down!!! I was so scared... And then Rose was holding Brother2, but not really because it wasn't secure at all and I was trying to get her to hold him better, but we were falling so fast and I couldn't think strait and she couldn't hear me well because of the roaring wind, and then we came to the bottom and finally stopped sliding.
The road stretched out in front of us for about 150 feet then turned left, and about 90 feet forwards there was road coming from the right that met up with this road. Everything else was grass.
About 50 feet forwards in the grass there was this tree, and I thought Rose and I could climb it to get a better view of everything to see if we could find help. (because Nana's house was very far away now)
So we made our way to the tree and climbed it, and when we were high enough I saw that by where the road turned left, about 100 feet into the turn there was a cute little house, and I was just about to suggest that we go there when I realized that there were these huge creepy bald guys (at least six) with white tee-shirts, padded black leather armless shirts and black pants that could have been black leather, or black jeans. They were moving all around that cute little house and something about them made me decide to stay away.
But then Rose saw a girl walking along the road where the house was carrying grocery bags. She looked nice enough, so we called out to her, and she pointed towards the cute-little-house with the really-super-scary-guys-wearing-leather (EEEEEEEEWWW!).
Not knowing what else to do, we climbed down the tree and suddenly we were there, but it wasn't like we just appeared there, I just didn't dream about that part.
Somehow Mom was with us (thank goodness!) and she was holding Brother2, and the scary guys weren't really that bad. The woman who owned the house was really nice, but the inside of the house was really dirt and unkempt.
So Mommy called Nana to pick us up (which is funny since we JUST CAME from Nana's house) and she picked us up and I think I woke up somewhere along there... It was a weird dream.

So... if for some strange reason you have questions, feel free to comment!



persimmon said...

I dreamed about ants last night.

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