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Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Ballet Recital

This is a yearly thing that I look forwards to every year. In Ballet, we start practising for a dance that we'll perform on stage for our friends and family to show them what we learned this year. It's really awesome, as I love to perform.
Anyway, this year the theme for all the different levels is 'Dancing Through Time' (in other words, it's different dances at different times; renaissance, flappers...). My level and I are a 60s Prom. It's a really cool dance!

Yesterday was my tech-rehearsal, earlier today was my dress-rehearsal, and at 7:45 my first performance starts! (I have another Sunday) I simply CANNOT WAIT!!! I am SOOO excited!

Now please don't wish me luck, but I'll be glad to hear 'Break a leg!'!



Froggy said...

I like the idea of the "Dancing Through Time" thing! So how did it all go?

Galaxy said...

Oh, Froggy! It was fabulous! The lights were blinding, the audience was roaring... I tell you, it was amazing!

As for the theme, it does sound good, but I personally think there have been better years. The dances just didn't seem as good... I did like the 'Black and White' piece by the level above me, the 'Flapper' piece by the level below me, and the ''60s Prom' that I danced in!

Froggy said...