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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vacation Post

Hey guys!

This is my over-due vacation post, and after much work, I decided not to do the pictures. If you do want to see them, go to the Picture Post on my Dear Sister's blog. Well, it all started Saturday, May 10th...

...with pack, pack, packing... the day before we had made some food and done most of the packing, but we still needed to gather a few things together.
Anyway, it took a while to get in the car, but we left around 12:30--about thirty minutes late! We drove and drove, and I passed the first part by thinking about things... it was really weird because I actually really enjoyed doing that. It was nice.
When we'd been driving for a bit, Mommy started reading aloud to all of us. It was a book written in journal format about a girl named Maria Antonia de Jesus who ran away from home and became a sailor--pretending to be a man, of course--taking place about 200 years ago. We were supposed to read it for a ship thing we were going to do, but I'll tell you about that later.
I really enjoyed listening to Mommy read, and the story was pretty good. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to finish it.
We arrived at the hotel in a rushed state. We really wanted to get the boat thing on time! We grabbed our luggage, checked in, and ran to our room... and oh, my, gosh(!!!), it was beautiful! My favorite part about it was the view... we had the best room in the ENTIRE hotel!
After we checked-in our room we ate, and Daddy, Dear Sister and I all ran to the this boat program thing where we sail on a ship like one that would have been around about 200 years ago (this ship we were going on was the Interceptor on 'Pirates of the Caribbean', by the way)! We arrived a little late, but we were the second family there, so it really didn't matter. It took a while for the others to arrive, but eventually they did.

I didn't throw-up, but I did get a little sea-sick, and so did Rose... but my most wonderful father did. But then, pretty much everyone threw up.
At one point on the trip they were asking us questions about what it was like 200 years ago on a ship like this, and I knew all the answers because of that story mom read us! No one else did! (Dear Sister would have, but she was on the rail being nauseous and didn't feel like answering questions)
My favorite part was when I was leaning over the deck and just looking out at that most beautiful sea as the ship rocked and rolled (it was a pretty wild ride)... it was just so beautiful...
Anyway, by the time we got off we were sopping, wet, a little sick and wishing for a hot bath... and that's when we remembered that jacuzzi(yes, we had a jacuzzi in the hotel)! We ran top speed to the car, called mommy (who had been hanging out on the beach with the boys) and told her to fill it up, and got there as fast as we could.
Once we were there, we lounged in the tub for a while, than went out to eat. We came back and swam around in the Hotel Pool for a while before finally retiring to bed. I was still pretty sick (I had a cold during this trip) so mom gave me some NiteTime and I was able to fall asleep pretty quickly (thank the lord for Nitetime).
When we got up, we alternated going to the beach (me and Dear Sister combed for sea-shells a lot--it was quite fun), eating food, swimming in the pool, looking at the view and just hanging out. We were having a great time. Afterwards, we went to this deli, but it wasn't open on Sundays! So we changed coarse to Fred Meyer's (a.k.a. Freddy's) and bought some frozen food--and some organic strawberries and waffles!
After we ate our frozen food, mommy combined the strawberries with some sugar so we could soak them overnight.
As sunset got closer, we decided to go for a walk along the beach and watch it. The clouds blocked the actual sun, but it still was absolutely wonderful.
The next morning we ate waffles with strawberries, almond butter and jelly. It was really good. We went to the beach one last time and eventually left the hotel. After which we bought some candy and made our way home.

It was a fabulous vacation. I really can't wait until our next one!


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