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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Last Day

Hey guys!

Wow, I haven't been blogging much, have I? And I STILL haven't posted that vacation post... I'll try to get it done before '09!

Anyway, today is my last day of Ballet for this ballet 'year' (we'll start again in a week or two, only it will be the summer session--which is only three days a week). My recital is coming up and I just CAN'T WAIT! Of course, it would be much, much better if I could do it on pointe... You see, last Friday my teacher decided which ones of us could do our dance in pointe shoes (going up on your tip toes in special shoes) and I was one of the three who couldn't. The sad thing is, I really, really wanted to do it, and I tried so hard... I broke two toe nails and got a blister trying. The Teacher talked to the entire class saying that we'd probably get to do it next year, but all I could think was I can't do it THIS year, I can't do THIS dance... Even sadder, some of the people who CAN do it don't want to at all! *sigh* Life isn't fair.

So, instead of blogging, I've been doing a lot of drawing... and actually being slightly pleased at the results. I try to post some pictures I drew later :-)

Well... I'll post later!


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