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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Earlier today Mommy and Nana took us (us being me and my sibs) outside and set up our kiddy pool and slip 'n slide. It was pretty hot.
Dear Sister and I sunbathed a bit before we finally waded in the kiddy pool. Then we went in the slip 'n slide. I did it really well, and after a couple tries, so did Rosi. I had a lot of fun.

By the time I was ready to come in, I felt really good, even though it was... what? 98 degrees? I mean, I could still feel the heat, but it felt great. Then I opened the door to the inside, and it was FREEZING! I ended up waiting outside a bit before finally getting in. And when I was in, I felt really really good. The sun just puts me in a good mood, I guess. Even now I feel warm and content.

I love summer!


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