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Monday, October 20, 2008

I have decided!

Yes, everyone, I at last know what I'm going to be for Halloween!

Not a Fairy... (I was one when I was six)

Not a Vampire... (did that... twice)

Not a Witch... (too cliche)

Not Medusa... (honestly, getting the snakes out of my hair was worse then getting my hair up for a ballet recital. That's saying something. I am never doing that AGAIN!)

Not a Harpy... (I was that last year)

Not a Ghost... well, actually, I am a ghost, but a bit more specific...

I will be The Ghost of Anne Boleyn!

You probably know who she is, but I didn't until I read Shakespeare's Secret (which was fairly recently) so I'll just say a few things about her:

She was the second wife of King Henry VIII (the 8th), mother to Queen Elizabeth I (the first), and was beheaded for adultery to the King. Whether or not those charges were true is under speculation... there really isn't a way to know for sure. Supposedly she was cheating on King Henry with five different men (it might have been four... I am uncertain), one of which was her brother (rather weird, right?). All of them (one might have been spared, but I'm pretty sure all of them) were beheaded. Including Anne.
Probably the main reason for her execution was that she never gave birth to a boy, just one girl, Elizabeth. She did get pregnant at least one other time, but the children never made it.

King Henry had four other wives after Anne, and one before. He had three children together, a daughter named Mary (with his first wife, Catherine of Aragon--how do you spell that? I ), Elizabeth (Anne Boleyn's girl, who only saw her mother in her youngest years), and a boy, Edward (can't remember his mom. I get them confused) and three of his six wives were named Catherine (though they differed on the spelling).

I've liked Anne since I first read about her... she seemed smart, kind and brave to me from what I know about her. I think it will be a lot of fun to be her ghost for this Halloween, and I plan to do a big bloody gash on my neck where my head had been 'chopped off'.


P.S. I'm not really certain of what kind of costume I'll wear, so suggestions would be much appreciated!!!


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Thank you!

Froggy said...

You're welcome! I'd never heard of her before.

Galaxy said...

Really? Well that makes me feel better! Any ideas for my costume?