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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The sweetest thing in existance...

...lives in my house. He is my brother, and he is amazing.

Earlier today I asked Brother1 if he'd love me forever. He said he'd have to 'sink' (how he says 'think') about it.
So, I was just sitting on a big comfy arm-chair hours later (I had completely forgotten about the incident) when Brother1, with a big beautiful smile, climbs up and cuddles me (this is a real something on it's own; he usually only cuddles with Daddy) and says:

"I had to sink about if I would love you forever for a long time. And my answer is yyyyes!"
"REALLY?!" I say in my oh-my-gosh-you-are-the-most-wonderful-thing-in-the-world tone.
"Yes, and I'll never stop loving you, and I'll love you 'til I die and I'll still love you while I die, and I love you, and I'll never un-love you..." and then he started hugging me while he continued to tell me how he'd love me forever. How cute and amazing and wonderfully he said this all and more is impossible to put in writing... I'll I can say is I'll love him forever, and apparently, he'll love me too!

I really don't know how I got so lucky.



Froggy said...

How sweet! (p.s. You said Borther2 at the beginning...did you mean brother1?)

Galaxy said...

Yeah! Gosh, that's silly of me!

Froggy said...

It's easy to make mistakes...I'm constantly doing really strange things. (Like typing "weed" instead of "week"! I did that the other day!)
That is really cute, what Brother1 did!

Galaxy said...

Oh, you should have been there!!!

Froggy said...

Sounds like it!