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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Nameless Movie

Alright, then. What have I been doing the last few days?

I'll answer that:

Typing, typing, and typing.

Ever since some time around the 20th, I've been typing up a movie idea I had. Once I had finished The Rose of Gondor (that movie I was working on) with a bunch of friends, I'd been wanting to make one for myself (I was just in that one, and didn't actual write the script or direct or film, though it definitely was a lot of fun!), so Dear Sister and I started talking about plot ideas, and I came up with something and typed up the first couple of scenes. When I showed it to Rose, though, she didn't like the idea. But by then I was too into it to stop, so I decided that I would write it anyways, if only for my own fun. So now I have finished it, and it's 20-something pages long... I still have some editing to do, and I haven't figured out the title, but I think it will be done soon. Here's the basic plot: (Mommy, Daddy, it'd be nice if you didn't read this part, I put it all in italics so you can skip over it)

A few years after a great civil war led by the evil Sorceress Nydain, the King dies in the land of Fardric, leaving his adopted son, Prince Ivan, to choose the new King or Queen (since he is adopted, he cannot take the throne). Unfortunately, all of the candidates are selfish and greedy, not fit to rule.
Meanwhile, Ivan's childhood friend Annavel (no, that was not a typo, Anna-Vel) is searching for the 'Del Child', someone she heard of in a prophecy, and who could have saved the King had Annavel found her in time. Eventually, she finds the Del Child in the form of a peasant girl named Elia, a girl of strange and extraordinary powers, who is quite frightened by them.
Unfortunately, Nydain wants to find Elia and steal her powers with a special spell that she is trying to find. She kidnaps Elia eventually, and Ivan, Annavel, and Elaine (Elia's tough country mother) have to save her.

I'm rather proud of the script, actually, and I really hope it turns out well! I want to get some people from The Rose of Gondor to help me with it, since they have a bit more experience than I, but I think that this will be a blast, and Dear Sister has volunteered for the part of Elia, though what she thinks of the movie is impossible to tell (she is sooooo indecisive).... Anyways, I'm not just considering her because she is my sister. Rose is one of the best actresses I know, and I'm not just saying that... she can really become someone else, and I'd be really glad to have her up in the main trio of characters (Ivan, Annavel, and Elia).

Anyways, hopefully I'll be able to pull this all together! I'm really looking forwards to it!

Galaxy ;-)


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