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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Blogiversary--One Year

Wow... a whole year.

Yes, everyone, my first posts were made on 10/14/07. Well, now it's 10/14/08. Exactly one year later.

It's really hard to believe... yet somehow it feels like I've been doing this forever... So very odd, isn't it? Now, looking back on my old posts, it's rather strange reading what I said, and knowing that I wrote that. That's the weirdest.

So now I feel as if I should write something poetic, or inspirational or something... yet I really can't think of anything to say... I just am grateful I can catalog my life, so that I can look back on the silly little me years from now. Gosh... what will I think of myself ten years from now? How will I feel when I look at this post and see this writing? This anniversary of my Galaxy is truly a wake-up call to the passage of time. Time certainly flies...

Happy blogiversary, me!


P.S. Speaking of time, in 2013 I'll be 18. Now that's freaky!


Froggy said...

Happy, happy Blogiversary, Galaxy!

Galaxy said...

Thank you!