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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

If you like my blog...

...then here's a blog you probably should go to:

Me In General (

This is Dear Sister's blog, and if you regularly read my blog, then you've read her name quite often. Her posts often coincide with mine, as we both do a lot together (e.g. when we both posted about a vacation-ish thing). And sometimes, I even rely on her to put up information that I don't.

I posted this post because it just occurred to me that someone might be reading my blog, and not my sister's... so, I thought I'd post this so you could find her blog, and hopefully stop by! If you do like my blog, you should definitely check her's out.

I love you, Rosi!!!



Froggy said...

I read hers! (As you know, I think...)

Rose said...

Love you too! Galaxy!

Galaxy said...

Good ;-)