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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I'm so excited to start the new year! I can't wait to find out what wonderful stuff this year will hold.

On my first resolution...

I'm really going to get working on Kings Of Darkness! I've actually come up with a lot of really cool ideas for my book with lots of twists in the plot and interesting betrayals and truths... But I can't put most of them in until the next book in the series! I really want to make my book different from the average, which I think I'm succeeding in though it does has a similar feel to Eragon and Eldest (two of my favorite books)... One thing I'm really curious about is weather or not to add magical creatures to this fantasy book... I'm page #56 (I know... I know... I write really slow...) and I haven't put in any magical beings or creatures, but I often wonder if I should go over it again and add some... Another dilemma is if I should make Glorsifil (the land where all this takes place) America way before the colonists found it or a completely different world... Right now I have it as America in the past, but I'm seriously considering changing it.

On my other resolution...

I'm going to take a Baby-Sitting class some time this month so I can get a job... I really need to figure out how much I'm going to charge in order to baby-sit... That really is the hardest part.

Happy New Year!!!


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