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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Resturaunt Review: The Pita Pit

Rating Notes: 10 being the best ever, 0 being the worst.

Corvallis, Oregon.

One guy was working at the cash register, and the other was waiting to make pitas, he didn't touch any money. When they started making the pitas, the one who had been working on the cash register went and washed his hands, then put on gloves! The other man put on gloves too. Then, they used their gloved hands to put the vegetables that we ordered in the pitas!
Cleanliness Rating: 9

The pitas where wonderful, and the vegetables in it were exquisite. The men working their folded the pitas in such a way that every bite had every single vegetable!
Food Rating: 8

There were two men working there, and they were polite, respectful and very nice. I really enjoyed being there and they were very helpful with everything.
Staff Rating: 9

Price Rating:

Now, the Pita Pit isn't really a sit-and-eat place, it's more for to-go food, however, they do have a couple of tables and about ten chairs, we did have to move them around, but they were comfortable enough.
Seating Rating: 4

Notes: The Pita Pit was a very nice place to be, the food proportions were just perfect, the people were nice, helpful, and cleanly, the food was great, and all in all it was a spectacular experience.
Overall Rating: 9

Recommendations: Their falafels are great!

In other words, if you're hungry, and you're in Corvallis, GO THERE NOW!


Anonymous said...

wow, after reading that review I feel a trip to the pita pit in the near future is an absolute must!

Galaxy said...


froggy said...

Sounds great! I love falafel!

Galaxy said...

Me too! You should go there some time.