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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wednesday Wishes #4

It's time for Wednesday Wishes!

1: I wish that Brother1 could help himself set up computer games.
2: I wish that my eyes were just a little brighter of a green.
3: I wish that I could read all the books I'm waiting to come out RIGHT NOW.
4: I wish I had a book to read.
5: I wish for ideas in what to do next in Kings Of Darkness!
6: I wish that the Pita Pit will be as good today as it was last time I went there.
7: I wish that I could shape-shift.
8: I wish that I had 100,000 dollars!
9: I wish that I could get a lead in a play.
10: I wish that the whole world was happy and perfect!!!

Wishing all your wishes true,



froggy said...

Hi, Galaxy,
I hope your wishes come true! (But I don't think you'll be able to shape-shift.)

Galaxy said...

Yeah... That's one thing I need a Djinn for!


Writer and Artist on Board said...

Hi Galaxy. You might like a book by Holly Kennedy. Any book. -Alex

Galaxy said...

Thanks for the tip, Alex. I'll check that out!