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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wednesday Wishes #3

It's time for Wednesday Wishes!

1: I wish that I had the Spiderwick Chronicles movie.
2: I wish that I had the movie Inkheart
3: I wish that Kings Of Darkness will be as big of a hit as Harry Potter.
4: I wish that I will finish Kings before 2009.
5: I wish that I had a party I could go to.
6: I wish that I had some kind of magical power.
7: I wish that there were magical creatures in the world...
8: I wish that Apple (my baby apple tree) will grow up big and strong and make wonderful fruit!
9: I wish that I'll be able to go on a play date with my friend Audrey soon.
10: I wish I had the next book in the Inheritance series.

That's all my wishes for now!

Happy new year!

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