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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Holes is an excellent book. You have to read it. Go to the library and rent. Now.

I've said before that I love fantasy, I'm not sure if I said I lived and breathed it though, hence, I don't really care for any other type of book. It's different with Holes. I love Holes.

There are three different stories in it, two short ones, and one long one. The long one is the main story, about Stanley Yelnats, the first short one is about Elya Yelnats, Stanley's Great-Great-Grandfather, this part of the book Holes isn't really necessary, but it does add a wonderful element... by the end of the story, you wonder, 'Was there ever really a curse? Or was it just a coincidence?'... The second short story is 120 years in the past and is about Katherine Barlow, who becomes Kissin' Kate, the outlaw... This one is really sad, but it is essential to explaining the plot of the main story, with Stanley.

The whole book is just linked together in a beautiful masterpiece... It really blew me away. I started it late last night, I couldn't stop until Dear Sister made me turn the light off. I finished it this morning. It was just really amazing... I absolutely loved Holes. And that's saying something for someone who is reluctant to start reading anything other than fantasy.


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Galaxy said...

There are no holes in Holes.