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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Spontaneity and Life MIX

Really, it's true. Planning things out can be good in some situations, but life and spontaneity really go together well.

Today I had to be at ballet at 11:50... My alarm was going off for a while and I hit the 'snooze' button many times before I finally dragged myself out at 8:15ish. I got up and checked some of my favorite blogs (you know, Normal Is SO Last Week, Me In General (Dear Sister's blog), and Inky Paws), then I typed Kings Of Darkness for who-knows-how-long and got to page #87--I'll post you when I reach 100... I'd describe May Peterson's (my main character) situation, but it wouldn't make any sense unless you've already read the rest of the book... for a quick sneak peek, check out this post.
Anyway, after a while of typing, Daddy gets up. He comes over and asks if I could hold Brother2 while he takes a shower. I say sure and ask what's for breakfast. Daddy says he would really like it if I could make muffins, so in the end I have them ready just in time to get out the door! I have a particularly good class at ballet while Daddy and the rest of my clan (as Brother1 would put it) 'Walk 'round town' and Mommy stops at "Sunny Side Up" to have a brunch with other homeschooling Moms. After ballet daddy and my sibs pick me up and we go over to meet mommy. All of us go in and sit down with the rest of them and I get to see a really great friend of mine I haven't seen in--a quick glance at the eon scale on my watch--eons! We talk a lot and play with one of the little girls there. Dear Sister, Qacei (the friend I haven't seen in eons) and I talk and talk as well as join in on the grown up conversations and have a wonderful time! After which we agree we just need to get together!
After this perfectly wonderful time we just have to do more! As it turns out, we heard someone talking about a free tea-tasting thing, and we go over to borders and make it fifteen minutes before the free-tea stopped. I tried my very first caffeinated tea, we tried two different types and I liked the Chai the best... the creamy part on top was divine, I tell you, divine!
After the tea we find that we're all starving... what to do? how about Nearly Normals? No... Dear Sister does not want to go there at the moment. So after a lot of thought, we decided to go the the Pita Pit (though Brother1 wanted a Sun Burger, so we took one to-go) and ate in the car. After that we're all fed and happy and really would like to go see someone. We decide since we're in the area it would be nice to see some old friends we haven't seen in two and a half years!!! We give 'em a call and agree to come over soon... but not before stopping by the store and buying a package of sandwich creams (a lot like oreos only better) and Chocolate Soy Milk--no way! Now we go to see our friends. There we see their new twins--who are absolutely adorable--a boy and a girl who are about a year old now. Me and Dear Sister played with their older daughter--a long time friend of mine.
After that we're all really tired and start driving home. Now we're here. Nothing in this day was planned--not including the date at "Sunny Side Up" and ballet. So here I am typing with a smile on my face. Life is really good, and your middle finger is sore from scrolling down so much on this ridiculously long post, but hey, life is still really good.

That's one thing for sure.



mom said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot how you like to plan things out... or is that me?... ok, I think I like to plan things out, but you actually plan things out well and then do them... I like to plan and then do something else, which is just terribly confusing.. I'm a backseat driver... you, girl, are a pilot extraordinare, smooth sailing right through your well planned spontaneity

Galaxy said...

Thanks mommy!

Zenmomma said...

I'm so glad you all came to the brunch! We have to get together more often than every eon or so. :-D

Galaxy said...