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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kandahar--Wanting What You've Got

This is a really cool thing Mommy showed me on Zenmomma's Blog.

1: Click here, the headline will be the name of your band. (note, if it says something like: 'Airport Kandahar', you can shorten it to 'Kandahar'.

2: Click here, the last four lines of the last quote will be your album's name.

3: Click here, the third picture will be the cover of your album!

I really had a blast doing this! It was such great fun! My band's name is Kandahar, and my album's name is Wanting What You've Got. Below is the picture I got--with a little work from printshop just to add the name of my band and the album.

Don't forget to post it (if you have a blog, that is)!