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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday Wishes #5

It's time for Wednesday Wishes!

1: I wish everyone in the entire world was perfectly happy.
2: I wish that all my family lived no more that fifteen minutes away.
3: I wish that the D&D adventure I planned (see post 'Dungeons and Dragons') will be absolutely fabulous! (we're meeting this Friday!)
4: I wish that I could go to the library soon right now.
5: I wish I could go swimming.
6: I wish Kings Of Darkness will be just as big as a hit as Harry Potter!
7: I wish that I will be as close with my two brothers as they get older as I am close with my sister! (which is pretty darn close)
8: I wish that you would go check out my Book Blog if you haven't already because it's really neat!
9: I wish I had some cute hats I could wear when I have to put my hair in a bun before ballet because I hate wearing a bun; it makes me feel waaaaaaaaayy too serious!
10: I wish that you enjoy reading my blog!

I don't really have that many wishes this week... Just goes to show you how happy I am! What a great life...

Whoever you are, you're awesome!



Rose said...

I love you!


Galaxy said...

I love you too, Sis.


persimmon said...

I wish I had some time, but I'm working today, tomorrow, Monday, probably Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and next Sunday! My goodness! But all this work solves the "I wish I had more money" problem. LOLOL Funny how that works.

Galaxy said...

Yeah... it is! Can't wait for the next time you come!