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Thursday, January 24, 2008


There is nothing more magical than snow, besides magic itself. Snow is sooo beautiful... it's the rarest weather down here; if we're lucky, we get it once a year, and if we're very lucky, we might get it twice. Today was the day. Today it snowed!!!

I was watching some TV when a weather guy popped up and said:
" people down in ???? are getting snow..." that's all I can remember.
It's not snowing! I thought. I looked out the window, just to be sure.
It was.
I ran to the kitchen where mommy was making dinner.
"It's snowing! It's snowing!"
She doesn't think I'm right. We looked out our back door. There it was... falling gloriously... like a blanket of ice it covered the ground... We immediately got dressed in our snow close and Dear Sister, Brother1 and I went out to play! We had a marvelous time complete with snow ball fights, snow eating, mini avalanches, a snow man (who ended up falling apart so Dear Sister and I split his head and see-sawed instead), snow angles, and absolute snow beauty! I feel so wonderfully happy that I got to see the beauty of snow this year! Please come again soon, Snow!

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