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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brother2's Birthday '08

Brother2's b-day was loads of fun! I had a grand time.

When I got up I played sims until the boy awoke. We showed him Dear Sister's Present (one gigantic cardboard box--from Daddy's work--a long with two smaller ones put together with doors, windows and furnishings. The little guy loved it! And I mean loved it!!! He would play peekaboo with the doors and windows, he would open and close the windows that could open and close and poke his adorable face out of the others, he would play around and go in and out of his 'bedroom' (a small box with a pillow floor coming out of the main one). It was adorable.

Then he took a nap.

When Daddy got home, Brother1 showed the my tiny 1-year-old the 'borthday' card he'd made for him. Brother2 loved that as well! He looked at the card and laughed his little baby laugh and chewed the card...

And then we brought out presents. We needed to show him what to do and help him here and there, but I think he got the idea. Halfway through opening the first he wanted to nurse. So he did, then he went on opening--only a different one! The one he opened first (not the one he started first, but the one he completed) was a little wagon-ish thing he could push around. He loved that. He got inside and wouldn't get out. It was sooooooooooo adorable!
Then he finished his other one, which was a plastic thing with boats and a lift to transport stuff. It's hard to describe. Brother2 found that interesting, but was more excited for the wagon-ish thing.

We played with the little guy, but eventually he tired. We watched some stuff on Netflix while he slept and then went to bed.

Today, when I asked Brother1 if he enjoyed Brother2's birthday, he said:
"I wish it would never END!"
I smiled. I almost had too.


P.S. Guess who's b-day is next in line in my clan? MINE!!! hehe.

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