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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Sequel to 'Butterfly'

Well, as for the Park Day thing I went to, I really didn't have much fun. My favorite parts must have been playing cards with Dear Sister and a Little Brother of a Friend of mine, and pushing little children on the tire swing. I really wish it would have been more fun, but I had to (and wanted to) stay in the sight of my Mom, and the only kids close to my age went way beyond that. I guess even if I had gone with them I wouldn't have had fun as they didn't seem to be doing much... Oh well.

Now today I might have some fun!!! Some friends of mine from ballet--as well as myself and Dear Sister--are making a movie! I don't know much about the plot yet, but I do know that it's going to be like a 'Lord of the Ring's thing (like a sequel or something...). Today should be our first meeting, so I'm really excited!
I'm going to play a maid/spy for the bad guys who turns to the good side and stops spying for the Villains. My name isn't decided yet.
Dear Sister is going to play multiple tiny characters. She's really excited about doing that, as she loves playing bunches of tiny rolls and being different characters--not only that, but she's really good!

So I'm very excited and have been looking forwards to this thing for quite some time! The meeting will be from 6:30-8:00.

Oh, and this is completely off topic, but I'm actually wearing the shirt I took my profile pic on! Silly, huh? ;-)


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