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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday Wishes #?

I'm probably not going to do these anymore, I just have nothing else to post.
  1. I wish I could go to Park Day.
  2. I wish I could go on a picnic.
  3. I wish our swimming pool was up.
  4. I wish that Daddy didn't have to work.
  5. I wish I had serious inspiration.
  6. I wish I could draw better.
  7. I wish I had Brisingr(sp?) (the third in Inheritance--you know, Eragon, Eldest... those books) RIGHT NOW!
  8. I wish Inkheart the movie would be out before January.
  9. I wish Paris was up. (talk about sleepy head)
  10. I wish we had baking powder so I could make pancakes.


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