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Monday, July 28, 2008

FIVE THINGS That Make Me Smile

This is something I stole from a very good friend of mine--'Froggy'. (you write 'Five Things', it could be five things that drive you crazy, or five things that you love, or--in this case--five things that make you smile)

Five things that make me smile:-)
  1. My little brothers (when they aren't throwing fits!) :-)
  2. My obnoxious father (sometimes I pretend what he's saying doesn't make me laugh just because... er, I don't really know! But I would say 93% of his jokes I find humorous) ;-)
  3. The cards and other things that show affection from Dear Sister (those things also make me cry) :-)
  4. Mommy and her goofiness (she's so awesome!) :-)
  5. Whenever I think about my life, and all the wonderful things in it, I smile :-)

Well, I guess that makes five! I'll do this more Five Things when I can't think of anything else to post...

Thanks for inventing this, Froggy! I miss you! (her and her brother are on a vacation)

Galaxy ;-)

1 comment:

Froggy said...

Flattered, Galaxy! Miss you too!