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Friday, July 25, 2008

Vampires in the Doctors Office

I have been having some awful joint pain since about July 7th. I have to hobble around instead of walking, and even that hurts!
Anyway, we decided to go see my doctor and he came up with a couple ideas of what could be wrong... and he also said I needed to get my blood drawn.

So I go to the blood draining place and talk to the vampires there. Somehow I couldn't think of them as anything else, hehe. They were nice enough, but of course I had to wait 'a couple minutes' before I could have it drawn (for my first time, by the way). It has been my observation that everyone in the Doctor's office just loves making people wait and take every chance to do so.

So after a bit longer than a couple minutes of waiting I am sitting in this padded 'bench' with a deskish thing in front of me. My Vampire feels around my arm and starts trying to find my 'biggest one', I assumed she was talking about blood vessels. She then starts to clean the area she's about to draw my blood from with some alcohol. It felt really weird.

And then it's time. I looked at the pictures of sea turtles on my right as my Vampire sticks a needle in my 'biggest one'--I just didn't want to see her put it in, and was sure I'd chicken out if I did. I felt a sting as the needle entered me. I waited a bit before finally turning to see little needle going into my skin, and out of the needle came a long cord going into a huge vile with a bit of my blood... *shudder* The cord touched parts of my arm and I felt the heat of my blood through it... All the sudden I felt a little faint and woozy.
Then I ask:

"How much do you have to fill?" partly to know how much longer I must feel that stinging, which felt a bit like someone was pinching you with their nails, and partly to know how much more blood I was going to loose. If she filled that whole vile I was sure I was going to pass out.
"The whole thing."
(Galaxy's thoughts) Are you kidding me?!!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?
(what Galaxy actually says) "That's a lot!"
"It's three table spoons of blood," she said that with emphasis on the word blood. "It looks like a lot but it really isn't."

That's her talking.

I was glad Mommy was there.

Anyway, it was at last done and she pulled it out and placed a cotton ball where the needle went, then wrapped this purple bandagy thing around it. I still stung a little, and I was still a bit woozy, but somehow I stayed conscious. Finally, I get home and beg Mommy to make me a Cherry Carob smoothie (a.k.a. 'a Cherub'). I think she will, but I'm not certain.

So there's the story of how I got my first blood draining! Hope you enjoyed my post!



mom said...

no friday fill-ins?

Galaxy said...

Oops! I forgot... again! I'll do them now.

persimmon said...

What a brave girl. :)

Galaxy said...

Thanks :-)