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Saturday, July 12, 2008

What's worse than bees? Wasps!

Okay, so Mom and Dad decided to start setting up our pool. We probably won't be able to swim in it until either late Sunday or sometime Monday simply because it takes FOREVER for it to fill, but I'm still excited.

So they were clearing out the patio in our back yard, when they found an ACTIVE WASPS NEST on one of the fence posts!!!!!!!!!! (*scream*)

We have this special vacuum cleaner called a 'Shop Vac', and Daddy decided to Vacuum them up. The rest of my Clan evacuated into the house and watched through our glass door as he battled the wasps. He actually escaped un-stinged, thank goodness!

One problem: we now have an entire wasps nest (not just the wasps, but the actual nest as well) in one of our vacuum cleaners. We're still trying to figure out what do, hehehe.


INTERESTING GALAXY FACT: She has never been stung by a bee, or by wasp. Neither has she broken any bones, though she has had more than her fair share of muscle polls! (the Ballerina's price)

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