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Monday, July 7, 2008

A thing that annoys me...

I hate it when a movie, or a book or story or anything doesn't have a complete ending! It's really annoying.
What I mean is that I hate it when you're still asking questions after the movie is over, even though they are all answered... when you feel like there should be more to it. It just feels unsatisfying, and I like to be satisfied when it comes to stories. I don't like endings that don't answer all the questions either, but the ones with unsatisfying answers really get me... Remember that! If you have a story, make sure that the ending is COMPLETE!



mike said...

I agree. What movie was it?

Galaxy said...

I wasn't really talking about a particular movie, I just know that there are many that do that to me and boy do I HATE it! (I'd name an example but I can't think of any)